Mobile Notary

Steps To Getting Your Documents Notarized:

First, please contact us to set up an appointment to request our mobile notary service to come to you.

Proper notarization requirements include the following:

Presence required–a signer must be present before the notary, no exceptions.

Identification–a notary must identify the signer through personal knowledge or satisfactory evidence.

Complete document–a signer must present the notary with a compete document, not just the signature page.

Document date–a notary must ensure the document is dated the same day as the notarization or earlier, but never later.

Notarial certificate–the presence of a notarial certificate on the document is required.

Executed notarial certificate–the notary completes a notarial certificate with certain information.

Satisfactory evidence of a person’s identity is presented in the form of an official document that states the identity of the person holding the card.

Common examples are:

A Georgia driver’s license or non-driver’s identity card.

A foreign passport stamped by the US Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services.

A US Passport.

A driver’s license or non-driver’s identity card issued by a territory of the US, another state, Canada or Mexico.

A Permanent Resident or “green card”.

A military card.

If you do not have these forms of ID, other acceptable IDs must have these 4 elements:

The card or document is issued by a government agency.

It has a number assigned by that agency.

It has a picture of the holder.

It has the signature of the holder.

Social security cards, birth certificates, check cashing cards, credit cards, immigration cards, are not suitable for identification. If a signer does not have a photo ID, then he/she will need 2 people present who will swear to his/her identity in order to be certified. The oaths of the affirming witnesses are satisfactory evidence for certification.

We also ask that you do not sign the document prior to our meeting, or that it be resigned if already signed.

Some services, such as jurats, require the

document actually be signed in the notary’s presence (a jurat requires the wording “subscribed and sworn to” on the document just above where the Notary Public signs his or her name).

People who cannot sign their name due to illiteracy or disability can use a mark as a signature as long as a notary and two other impartial witnesses are present.

A notary in Georgia can also list two signers on one notarial certificate as long as they both appear before him or her at the

same time.

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